by Richard Schmidt


ISBN:  978-1-4849-1081-8

The prequel to the Plaque Pixie Book Series. Follow along as the Plaque Pixie becomes deputized by the Tooth Fairy in an effort to teach the benefits of good oral hygiene.


by Richard Schmidt


ISBN: 978-1-4839-5947-4

Harry learns that before he can start school he must first go to the dentist for a check up. This book is intended to show children ages 4-8 what to expect during a typical dental visit.

by Richard Schmidt

ISBN: 978-1-5033-4742-7

On the morning that the long awaited circus arrives in Harry's town, he gets some unwelcome visitors, the dreaded plaque bugs. Fearing that he will miss the circus, Harry rushes to the dentist for help. Realizing he is in over his head, the dentist calls on the Plaque Pixie to save the day... but will there be time?

by Richard Schmidt

ISBN: 978-1-5025-9944-5


Suzie is ready for her slumber party when all of a sudden she feels a pain coming from her tooth… Her mother takes her to see Dr. Jeff, can he save the day?

by Richard Schmidt

ISBN: 978-1-9428-4439-6

The Plaque Pixie’s Complete Guide To Dentistry For Children is every new parents resource for their child’s teeth. It provides parents with essential information about what a child’s dental needs are. The best ways to handle teeth, effective brushing techniques, when and how to decide about braces for adolescents, and dealing with wisdom teeth.

by Richard Schmidt

ISBN: 978-1-9428-4436-5

Detailed oral hygiene lessons from the Plaque Pixie, including toothbrushing, and flossing techniques for children, as well as healthy diet options for lasting oral health.

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